Ep 16: Why You Didn’t Finish That Last Course You Bought (The Real Reason!)

Why You Didn’t Finish That Last Course You Bought (The Real Reason!)

In today’s episode I’m chatting about implementation vs. information, and breaking down the real reason why you didn’t finish that course you were so excited to start!

Let’s be honest, having so many choices sounds great, but in reality it can feel extremely overwhelming (i.e., sitting at a restaurant and having troubles deciding what to order because their menu is practically a novel).

You may have felt this feeling before -> you’re super pumped to begin that course you invested in, but when you open it up for the first time you get hit with so much information that you don’t know where to begin and that holds you back from starting at all! You become so stressed about which module to start with that you avoid working on the course all together. Or maybe you want to learn so much of it that you dive into each module a bit but then find yourself never completing any of them…

It’s not that you are bad at implementing or taking action, its that the information overload stopped you in your tracks and prevented you from completing it.

If this sounds like you and you’ve got several unfinished courses sitting on a (virtual) book shelf, or you’re scared of buying the course you know you need because you’re worried you won’t finish it, than tune into today’s episode to hear how to go from the ‘start’ button to the ‘complete’ pop up!





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