Today on the podcast I’m telling you all about the first digital product I ever sold, and how I got over the limiting belief that “making money is hard”.

Just like you may be feeling right now – I thought that you had to trade in time for money.

During this part of my life I was working in the corporate world 1:1 with clients (the typical 9-5 grind). I’d go to work, put in my hours, and clock out at the end of the day. I was conditioned to believe that time equalled money. But deep down I was dreaming of replacing my income with automated digital sales and becoming that person who literally made money in their sleep (sounds nice, right?). I wanted to have the freedom to be able to take time off, focus on my health, and spend quality time with my loved ones.

So how did I get started with digital sales, and overcome those limiting beliefs around money?
Well, grab some headphones and press ‘play’ because I’m going to tell you exactly how I did it!

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Hey, I'm Justine!

I started my online business journey in 2017 as an Infusionsoft Certified Partner, helping small businesses automate their sales and marketing.


After helping 100+ small businesses, I noticed that almost all of them had the same problem. They bought courses that promised to help them build an automated sales funnel, but all they got was strategy and confusing templates, and no implementation help at all.


So, I decided to package up what I was doing for my clients, in a step-by-step system, called Funnel That Sells, and sell it at a crazy, no-brainer price of just $27. FTS went on to help over 2000+ small biz owners DIY their very own automated funnel, in less than 9 months.


(OH and add 2000+ customers - not freebie seekers - to our email list)


Funnel That Sells turned my hourly service biz into a multiple six-figure, scalable business in less than a year. Now I help other service providers turn what they know into scalable offers - through my programs and coaching.