Ep. 19: 8 Reasons to Create a DIY-Level Offer

8 Reasons to Create a DIY-Level Offer

In today’s episode, we will talk about the benefits of creating a DIY level offer as well as struggles that clients have and how to overcome them.

There are 8 separate benefits for creating a DIY level offer.

The top benefit would be generating automated revenue — and it doesn’t require learning webinars, courses..etc If done right these are sold directly to your warm AND cold audiences.

The second benefit is you’ll be making a greater impact. The price point is completely accessible to almost anyone.

The third benefit — you’ll be making MORE sales in LESS time.

The fourth benefit is that it’s going to grow your visibility A LOT. 

The fifth benefit is that you start to show up as a figure of authority.

The sixth benefit is you’ll be able to get high-ticket clients with ease! You’ll develop a tone of confidence that allows the conversation to be smooth and you can empower the people you’re speaking with rather than just sales.

The seventh benefit is the most life-changing — being in the position to hire a team. It’s a magical experience to have people support you in the background – being ready to show up in a high-level way in other areas of your business.

The eighth benefit is the confidence you’ll gain in your business, will also show up in other areas of your life.

Tip: take off your expert hat and put on your customer hat. What does your customer need?

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