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Today we’re sitting down with Francesca Paschetta an expert in cyclical living and feminine flow. We’re diving into the power of cyclical living, she’s going to explain each of the phases that we as women experience throughout the month and how we can actually leverage the power of each of these phases to thrive in business and in our lives.

  • What cyclical living means!
  • The cycle phases
  • How the phases impact you and your business
  • How to plan your business tasks around the phases (this has changed Justine’s business and life!!)

About Our Guest

Francesca Paschetta

Francesca is a women’s empowerment coach for women who want to let go of burnout, control and overwhelm and embrace ease, freedom and flow. She guides women to reconnect with themselves, their body and their breath, sync their life with their menstrual cycle so they can manage their energy, productivity and self-care “in flow”. After experiencing disconnect, hyper masculine energy and burnout first-hand, she now helps women find their feminine flow through embodiment strategies, breathwork, cyclical living, holistic productivity and mindset strategies.
Her vision is to change the way women work to fully embrace their cyclicality.

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