How to Build a Sales Funnel | The Only Tech You Actually Need

In this video, we’re going to cover the only tech you need in order to build a fully-automated sales funnel, and I’ll give you some possible tech combinations so that no matter your budget, you can be sure that there is a tech combination out there for you.

For this topic, I suggest watching the video below for the best experience, but I’ll also outline the main takeaways below.

A fully-automated sales funnel includes 3 main pieces and an optional 4th one

    1. Opt-in Page
    2. Checkout Page
    3. Email Service Provider
    4. Gateway / Members Area (Optional, needed for gated content like a course)

The best way for me to explain what types of tech or tools you can use for each is to show you a comparison chart. 

Again, the only 3 (or 4) things you need are an opt-in page, checkout page, ESP, and gateway if you want your content to be password protected. 

I suggest doing a search online and digging into each of the tech options mentioned above, making a note of the current price, and then signing up for some free trials to test out the systems.

If you’d like a copy of the tech comparison chart shared in this video, you can download this guide and scroll to the last page.

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