We are SO excited to be back! After a 3-month, well deserved break, we’re diving right back in and sharing a behind-the-scenes of the last 2 years in the business.

In this episode, I’m an open book about the ups and downs of the past 2 years, and I trust that this will come at the perfect time for some of you struggling to take a leap of faith, or who are in a serious low right now and can’t imagine crawling out of it (you will, I promise!). We’re also going to share about how we bounced back, achieved our BIG vision, what we did to get there, and what that meant for the future of the business.

We’re also sharing about some changes we made in the team, with our offers, AND a bit about a brand new way of working with us starting in September 2021 – which is perfect for any of you ladies out there wanting to create automated sales in your business, and shift from Solo to CEO with a team – while getting a crazy high level of personalized support.

This is a true BTS episode, so if you’re into peeking behind the curtain of another online business (who isn’t??), and learning a simple thing I do to hit my crazy goals, this episode is definitely for you!

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Justine (00:01):
 Hey guys, welcome back to this season of the wallop podcast. We've taken a bit of a break and I'm so excited to be back and just dive right back in with you guys and talk to you a little bit about how I have used visioning exercises to achieve all of the big, big goals that seemed almost completely impossible at the time and how I've used the visioning to achieve those goals without really setting goals. And so that might sound kind of bizarre, but I want to share with you what I personally do, and I know that there are other people out there who do similar things. This is just intuitively how I have felt called to set my vision and then essentially my goals and how I work through things. And so I want to share with you in case you find it helpful, and then also give you guys a bit of an update as to what we've been up to recently, we've taken a bit of a three month break from the podcast and we've made some changes to our team and to our offers, and we have a really amazing new container and way to work together.

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Justine (01:00): Um, that we'll be opening up very soon. So I want to share some of that with you guys as well. So I want to start with my, in the conversation I want to have with you guys today about visioning and achieving your really big goals by kind of backing up about two years from today. Um, so right now it's July, 2021. And in, I would say about July, 2019, I was feeling so frustrated in my service-based business and it wasn't really the business that felt really frustrating as much as much as it was that I felt frustrated that I was frustrated because I'd left my corporate job a couple of years before that. And I said to myself, like, I'm going to be so happy if I can just, you know, be working with clients. I am going to be so happy if I can just subcontract to like another marketing agency and be around someone else's team all at the same time, like working with my own clients and, and having my own business on the side of that as well. Justine (01:54): And so I had this idea in my head that I wanted to get as much client work experience as possible, and that, that was going to make me so, so happy. And for the most part, it did, I was subcontracting to different marketing agencies as an automation expert. I was working with some of my own clients on the side as well, and I was really busy. And for anybody who leaves their corporate job to work online, you know, how much you're craving right? To, to be busy, again, to be someone who has appointments in the calendar and somebody who has people who are needing things from you, because that is how we felt important in, in a corporate job. And so I was craving to have that feeling again, because I thought that would make me feel peaceful and successful. And like I had done a good job by transitioning from a comfy cozy corporate life to having my own business and then being, you know, what I would have called at the time successful with it by being busy. Justine (02:45): And so sitting there in July of 2019, and I had a lot of really just negative experiences with clients, um, that were, you know, part of the agencies I was subcontracting to, because of course you don't have ton of autonomy, right over who you're working with when you're subcontracting to an agency, right. You're working with their clients, you're supporting their clients as part of their team. So it felt a little bit like a corporate job, right. It wasn't that different. I just got to do it from home and, you know, it was a little bit more fun and flexible, but essentially I had created like another job for myself. And then on top of that, I had clients and, oh, on top of that, I had one year old twins, right. So my twins were really young and I was trying to navigate all of these new sort of, you know, identities like being the identity as a mom or, you know, the identity as a business owner. Justine (03:31): And then the identity, as you know, a remote worker for another company, I felt partially incredibly energized by the fact that I was able to create this for myself when I didn't have a roadmap, I had never really been part, um, of, you know, online programs. I had never hired a coach. This was really just like me trying to figure it out on my own. Looking back. I would've totally hired a coach if I would have really understood how to find one, but I wasn't exposed to any of that at the time. And so I was feeling frustrated, but I felt guilty for feeling frustrated. And I don't know if you can relate to this, if you're listening to this and you know, things are good and you got what you wanted, but you don't feel totally happy and satisfied. So then you feel guilty for not liking the thing that you thought you wanted and you go into this weird, like spiral of feeling, um, frustration and then guilt, and then frustration for feeling the guilt. Justine (04:28): And it's just this awful cycle, right? Yeah. So I was sitting there in July of 2019 and I was like, okay, I need to, you sit down and really envision what would my perfect day look like? And this was when I actually worked with my very first coach. I said, okay, that's it. I need to work with a coach. I need to actually, um, have someone sort of witness my frustration and then help them walk me through how to go about changing things, because I was just too deep in it, on my own. So I hired my first coach and it was the beginning of everything that I've built since then. And so I hired this coach who was a six week like intensive program. Um, well, it was probably a normal program, but it felt intensive to me. So we had a call every week for six weeks. Justine (05:11): She also gave me access to, um, one of her online programs. And it talked about creating your big vision. And at the time I thought that I was pretty good at this because I was really great at setting goals and achieving them. So I thought, well, I'm good, I'm good at figuring out my vision. My vision is to achieve this goal. But now I understand that that's not what a vision is. That is not what a vision is. The vision is not the goal. And so I put together what I considered to be a vision for my perfect day. And this didn't have to do with making a certain amount every month. This didn't have to do with any type of like, okay, if I am making this much, then you know, I'll be happy in this vision. It had nothing to do with achievement. Justine (05:56): It had everything to, with just the way I felt in a typical day. And so if you feel stuck in your business or wherever you are right now in your life, this is the part that I want you to really listen to and then try to apply in your own life. Because not only did that completely change my life, which I'll tell you about what has kind of come from that in the last two years. But I just did it again recently, which is why I took a three month break from the podcast. Okay. So what you have to do, if you want to create, like really start to think about like, what, what is this, this vision that I want to move towards? And for me, I let go of thinking about it in terms of achievement. And I started to think about what does my perfect day look like from the moment that I wake up to the moment that I go to bed? Justine (06:40): What does a day look like? That would bring me joy and peace because creating peace in my life has always been what I'm after. Right. And it was why I chose to leave corporate. Cause I felt like I, I literally could not imagine a world where I worked a corporate job and also felt peaceful. Just felt like that's not going to be a thing. So I got to get out of here. And so my pursuit in all of this is just peace and calm and happiness on a daily basis and never waiting for weekends or two weeks of vacation or someone telling you what I can and can't enjoy my life. And so I was like, okay, well, what does that look like? And so I closed my eyes and I started to think about from the moment I opened my eyes, what am I seeing? Justine (07:19): And so I started to create this vision of what my perfect day looked like. And I'm just going to share it with you guys. Cause I think it's going to help you see how simple it was. Um, and then also sort of, I can explain to you why I'm even making this episode in the first place. So in my vision, I'm like laying in bed, I'm just waking up and I'm opening up my eyes and my twins run into the room and in this vision for whatever reason, they're, they're not one years old. Right. They're like about three. And I didn't even really know what a three-year-old looked like at the time, to be honest, like I've not been like, I don't have siblings. I don't see a lot of kids all the time. I don't really know exactly what a three-year-old looks like, but I now know that in that vision, they were three. Justine (07:55): So these two little girls come running into my room, they jump on our bed. I can see the details of the room. And they're like, like, let's get up, get up, get up. Let's get up. And, and which is weird because we always wake up way before our twins. Like we will wake up at three in the morning just so that we have time together before they wake up. Um, or will, that was what we were doing when they were younger. So the vision of them running in and waking us up was weird because that's, that just had been, never been something that we had experienced before. Like we always woke up before our twins. So they, they, I let the vision just come to me intuitively. So they run into the room, they tell us to get up, we get up, we go out, we walk down, we go into the kitchen and we make breakfast and we're sort of like eating breakfast and then it's time for them to go to school. Justine (08:40): So we actually all walk together to schools. We're walking them to school. It's not far, it's like a couple blocks away. And at the time we were living in a city called Vancouver. So I was picturing this all happening in the neighborhood I lived in, in Vancouver, just so I could give it a little bit more detail. So I was picturing us walking like two blocks to this, like nearby school, walking them to school. And then Tom and I look at each other and say like, Hey, like I have like an hour until my call. Let's go to a coffee shop. And so my vision continues where we go to a coffee shop and we have a coffee. I checked my phone and I see that I have a group call soon. And at the time I didn't sell digital products. I didn't sell courses. Justine (09:17): I didn't sell anything like that. I didn't run group calls. I didn't have a Facebook group, like nothing like that. But I was like, I want to be in a coffee shop after dropping my kids off and look at my phone and think, oh wow, I have a call in 45 minutes. And so then in my vision, I look and I see that I have a call and I say, him, we got to go, I have a call. And he's like, no problem. I have some client work today. I'm like, okay, great. And at the time he was in a corporate job. So like, what would that even mean? Right. He wasn't, he did not have his own business at that time or anything. So then we kind of look at each other. That's fine. And then in the vision, we're suddenly home and I get onto my group call and I'm leading this group call. Justine (09:50): And then, you know, he's behind me with like these big headphones on and he's kind of working away. And then, you know, suddenly he says, Hey, do you want some lunch? And I say, yeah, definitely. So we have lunch together. And then he goes, oh, well, let's go pick up the girls. And I say, okay. And then we, we go and walk and pick up our girls like around three o'clock and we all walk home together. And that's it, that's the whole vision. It's not, it's not filled with private jets and all these crazy things like it's, that, that to me is the perfect life where we can, as a, as a husband and wife as a couple, we can walk our kids to school. We have the freedom to kind of do our days as we please we're obviously doing work that lights us up and we have this sense of peacefulness and ease. Justine (10:33): And then we can also go pick our kids up and then walk home together and just be present and be with them at that time. So this was that vision that I had, and I would do guided meditations where I would put my headphones in and I would continuously, um, repeat this vision in my head. And I did this for about a month and I didn't even know where I was going with this. I just kept repeating it. And then I printed off some pictures, um, online, like I sent them to my husband at work and said, can you print these at work for me? Cause we don't have a printer. Obviously like nobody does these days. Even with online businesses, you know, I don't have a printer. So I sent him these, these links from online, I was like, can you print these for me? Justine (11:10): And it was a picture of this, this couple working at a coffee shop that sort of looked like us. And then there was a couple of other pictures that I got him to print off as well. And then I would lay them out and I would look at them and then I would do my guided meditation with my visioning exer exercise. And then when I was done, I would look at the pictures again and then I would put them away and I did this again and again and again for weeks. And eventually I said to Tom, I know what I want. I know what I want my days to look like. And there's no way we're going to be able to achieve it. If we stay in Vancouver and you stay in your corporate job, I need you home with me to support me, you know, with the girls and in the business somehow. Justine (11:51): And we just can't achieve, if you're in your nine to five, you know, can you take a six month break? And then, you know, you can go back, right? Can we just take a break and go live in a smaller town and just have it this kind of time together as a family? And of course, because he's obviously just like the perfect match for me. He said, sure, I don't let's do that. So we ended up packing up and I'll try to speed this story up because I don't want this to go on for too long, but I just want you guys to kind of see how this unfolded for me, because it really was the simple. And so we ended up packing up within, within two months, we had left Vancouver, we moved to a super tiny village in the mountains and we planned to spend six months there. Justine (12:35): And then my husband was going to get an another job. And we were going to move to a small island, which is where I grew up. And so all this is going, according to plan, I was able to kind of like let go of a lot of my client work, which was quite scary. I'm focused on creating digital products and start to build that business. I really wanted to build and right when things were starting to kind of work, but it was still at the very beginning stages. Um, my husband had a job lined up for, um, on the island that we were moving to. Our hotel was booked for the drive here. Uh, we were ready to go and then the COVID lockdown hit the very first one. So we were scheduled to move here on a Monday. And the very first lockdown was the Friday before. Justine (13:13): So it was like three days before. And obviously we weren't sure like how long this was going to go on. And so we ended up actually being in lockdown and in this tiny village for an additional three months on top of that, his job obviously fell through. And even though he was applying to other jobs, it just wasn't nothing was sticking because obviously this was the beginning of COVID and the digital product that I was selling kind of came to a halt because when all of this started, there was a lot of, kind of just turmoil going on online. And so I felt like you've been working towards this vision. Everything felt like it was working out. We were about a year in or no, it wasn't a year in, it was probably about eight, eight to nine months in. And I suddenly felt like I was back at square one, like I said, okay, I'd worked this hard towards this thing. Justine (14:04): It's not working, but I just kept going. I just kept going, like picturing this, picturing this, looking at the pictures, doing the visioning. Right? So we moved to the island and once we kind of got here and got settled and my husband still wasn't working and I just, I didn't know, I'm going to, I'm going to figure this out. Like this vision is going to come true. So six more months went by and I got my business to this place where we were able to create the lifestyle, essentially that I was envisioning. And I didn't really realize we were there until one day our girls, um, both it hasn't been, I didn't set our alarms on this day and we wake up really, really early. So we did not set our alarms on this day. And it w it w it was probably 10 to seven. Justine (14:55): Like it was almost seven o'clock in the morning. Our girls come running out of their room, which typically they never did because we would wake them up or we would at least be up when they got up. And so they come running into our room, they burst open through the door, they jump onto our bed. They tell us to get up, get up, get up. And so we kind of laughed because like that had never happened before. And then we go out and have breakfast and it was a sunny day. And so we walked the girls to school. It's like maybe a six minute walk from our place, walk the girls to school, drop them off. We went to a coffee shop and had a coffee. I opened my phone and had a notification that I had a group call soon. And so I said to Tom, let's go home. Justine (15:36): I have a group call soon. He said, no problem. I need to work on my website. Um, and, uh, we were walking home and I, and it hit me like, oh my goodness, like I'm in the vision. This is exactly what, this is exactly what I've been envisioning for the last 18 months. And it actually stopped envisioning it for about six months because we were just so busy with so many things that I just wasn't doing it anymore. And so suddenly we were just there 18 months later. And it was the exact vision that I had, even our bedroom looks exactly like what I was envisioning. And I mean, we've lived like three places since moving here. And there's no way I could've known it was going to look like this even where the doors positioned everything. And so I realized that I was like in the vision. Justine (16:21): And so I kind of sat there. And I had also recently hired my husband as my podcast producer. And he was putting together a website to start taking on more podcast editing clients. And so he was sitting there with his big headphones on doing his website. I was doing my group call and I realized that even more of the vision was coming true. And so it just kind of continued throughout the day we went and picked the girls up and then we went straight to the beach after we picked them up. Cause it was a nice day. And we were at the park playing at the beach and it was, you know, maybe 4 45. And I was thinking, my goodness, if either of us had jobs, there's no way we'd be here on a typical weekday playing at the beach at 4 45, just, you know, because we feel like it. Justine (17:05): And so I want to share this with you guys, because if you, if you feel stuck and you feel like what you want seems crazy. Like we were, I was trading time for money working hourly in my business. I had no idea about really like digital products or hiring a coach. Like all that was totally foreign to me. The husband was in a nine to five. We lived in a big city. Um, my girls were home with me having a vision that I did in that way. And then thinking that, that wasn't crazy. Like I'm lucky, you know, I'm glad that I didn't think it was crazy and then thought, oh, that's crazy. Why am I going to think, oh, that can never happen. And you know, it didn't happen in three months or even six months. It took 18 months, but now we're here. Justine (17:48): And so was a couple of months ago when I was sitting there and thinking, well, what's next. I don't have a vision. What is my next vision? And so I started to put together like, well, what is my next vision? What, like, now that I'm here now that I'm in this, what I consider to be this, this kind of perfect day of what I really feel like is, um, you know, challenging and purposeful and impactful yet peaceful. And, you know, we have flexibility and we don't have bosses or job nine to five jobs or any of those things what's next for my vision. And so I decided to just unplug, I took a massive break from social media. I took a break from recording the podcast. I close the doors to my group coaching program. Um, I even stopped running ads to my low ticket offer. Justine (18:32): Like I just seriously pumped the brakes on everything because I felt like I wanted to just pause everything, take a really deep look at what I, what I wanted to do, what I didn't want to do, and then turn everything back on in a way that was aligned to whatever my next big vision is. And so we spent three months, you know, mainly me going inward, figuring out what I wanted to do. And so we ended up making some changes to our offers and our team. So within our team, I had an operations assistant, um, an operations assistant, a podcast editor and a social media manager. And because I wasn't really sure the direction I wanted to go with our social media and how I wanted to actually use the podcast, um, in our content. And because we were shifting our offers, we decided to, to reduce our, our team and no longer have the social media manager role. Justine (19:21): Um, while we figured out what we were doing. So our team got smaller. We, we didn't have that role anymore. And then we looked at our offers and we had a group program that was, you know, if you're listening to this, you've probably heard of it before. It's called launch low ticket. It used to be called the daily profit accelerator. And it's specifically designed for service providers and online credence. You want to shift from service, work to digital products and sell those with funnels and potentially paid ads because that's the model that totally set me free my business and that I absolutely love and I still use. And so that's what I teach other people how to do now as well. And so we had that program with a really high level of support, but we had some requests to, you know, like, well, what's the next step? Justine (20:03): Or, you know, how do you do this or that, or this or that. And all these questions that were coming out were outside of the scope of that program. And so I started to think, okay, well, what is the next step for people who want to go beyond launch low ticket and start to do things like launch a podcast and learn how to turn that into an automated marketing machine and create, you know, a 10 K base with automated sales and then hire a support team and learn how to do visioning exercises and turn those into goals in a way that doesn't feel restrictive, that you can actually achieve. What about that next step? And so that was what brought me to where we are now, where what we've done is we actually took our program, the daily profit accelerator. And even though it was working, it was selling, it was great. Justine (20:56): We decided to adjust the container and turn it into a more, I would say like traditional course, it still has two calls per month, which is a huge amount of calls, really high level of support for, um, like a typical course, and then build a, a traditional webinar funnel to sell that on autopilot. And, you know, I had never built a webinar funnel before and you guys, it's no joke. It's no joke. It is no joke. Those funnels are hard work. And it took me longer than I expected. So we got that up and running. And right now we still have that amazing offer that helps people create digital products and the system to sell them on autopilot. And it's in a slightly different container, but it's back up and running cause we'd had the doors closed for a little while. So that is, that is the main way. Justine (21:44): That is the only way right now that anybody can work with it, work with us to get, turn what they know into digital products and sell them on autopilot. And so what we're now working on, which I'm excited to share with you guys, especially if you've been wondering, like why the doors have been close to everything and, and how to work with us, because I also don't really do one-on-one. Um, I do do a little bit here and there, but it's not a huge, you know, it's not on my website. It's not something you're going to see me talk about a lot. Um, and so people have asked like, like, well, what else do, how else can we work with you? And so that's what this new container is that we are putting together right now. And we soft launched it to, um, a handful of, um, hand-selected people within, um, our previous client group. Justine (22:27): And we have four people that are enrolled in this program, which starts in September. And so this particular container is it's a 12 month container with six months of it being a really high touch mastermind hybrid. And the mastermind part is pretty self-explanatory, there's going to be a monthly mastermind component with a group of women at very similar stages of business. But the hybrid part is because there's going to be a really highly personalized one-on-one component. And this initial iteration of the program, which we'll be starting in September is the only time that this incredibly high level of one-on-one support from me will be included just because of capacity reasons, because everyone is going to get private Voxer access to me. And they're also going to get monthly calls with me one-on-one. And so anybody who does join to decide to join this program, which we'll tell you about a bit about in a second, is going to get the super high level of support. Justine (23:24): And when I created my new vision for how I envisioned myself working with my clients and supporting my students over the next 12 months, I kept seeing myself having very, very deep, personalized one-on-one conversations with my clients and with my current models, that's not really an option. And we, we do get deep conversations on our group coaching calls, but it's never going to be the same as one-on-one. And up until this point, I've really steered away from one-on-one on purpose because I had my twins home with me. And, um, I was sort of exhausted from all of the one-on-one that happens when you are a service person, right, when you're doing implementation for people. And so now that I've sort of healed from all of that tiring kind of a one-on-one service time in my business, and my twins are in full-time school. I actually have the, the, the brain space to do more one-on-one and I actually love it. Justine (24:18): So I I'm, I'm so excited that it's part of my new vision and that I could include it in this new container. So this new container is really going to be for women who want to create a 10, a 10 K base revenue, right based revenue and automated sales. They want to hire a team that's going to help them carry out the next level vision that they have for their business. So if you do want to learn a little bit more or about the program now, because we haven't started talking about it publicly, there's nothing out yet, but if you want to learn more about the program now, um, and chat directly with me, you can just send me a quick DM and just DME, the words solo to CEO, and we can voicemail back and forth a little bit. I can tell you more about the experience. Justine (24:59): Um, and so, like I said, it'll be a bit of a hybrid program with a highly personalized one-on-one component with me, plus a really rich group mastermind experience as well. Um, we're also on top of that going to have monthly guest experts each month. And we're actually starting off with a woman who I followed online for a little while, and she is going to be coming in in September to kick off the program with a deep visioning and goal setting workshop. And, you know, obviously since visioning has played such a big part in my business, this is truly the driving force behind everything that I've been able to do and achieve. I can't wait for the women in this group to be, um, guided by someone who is just an incredible expert in, in this, in that particular focus, um, to kick off the masters remind hybrid experience. Justine (25:48): So you guys, I hope you enjoyed this episode. It was a bit of an all over the place, all over the place episode of, you know, where the heck we've been for the last three months, why we took this break, why it took such a big, big break for social media. Because again, like it's not an intuitive, we're always told, like, be consistent, be consistent. And to me, it's just common sense that yes, of course, you, you have to, to be fairly consistent, but to think that you can never take a break when you intuitively feel called to is crazy. It doesn't make any sense. And for anybody who does follow more than just basic business strategies, you'll know and understand that your, your, what you get out of your business is not directly correlated to your effort. And so consistency doesn't need to be you showing up all the time. Justine (26:34): There's ways to make it a lot easier, but sometimes you need to take a step back. I get super, super clear on your vision so that when you do go to create it just flows, it's not difficult. You're not second guessing yourself. It's coming from the heart. It's easy. You don't need to script things because it's coming from just such a pure place of your vision. And so, yeah, if you're listening to this and if you've ever wondered, like how do I get unstuck? I want to move forward. Or, you know, I feel like I want to take a break, but I can't. You absolutely can. And it's an excellent time to work on your vision. This is the number one way that you're going to get unstuck and move forward with your business goals. You know, your life goals, whatever you actually want to achieve do be, have you, you having that vision is going to guide you there and it's going to make it so much easier. Justine (27:23): I always know that when things are hard, it's because I'm not working in alignment with my vision. And so take a minute. If you feel stuck to use a visioning exercise and just YouTube, like, you know, um, like guided meditation for visioning or guided meditation for manifestation, like any of those guided meditations are going to walk you through to pulling out the vision that you have for yourself. And sometimes even if you don't have it in your mind right now, you will, when you actually go through some of those guides, meditations, all right, you guys, so that is it for today's podcast. I hope you enjoyed hearing a little bit about my crazy journey this last couple of years, how it's really been fueled by having a laser focused vision. And even when things feel totally awful, and you feel like you're at the lowest of the low, and there's just no way you come back from what is happening in your current situation. Justine (28:17): Um, I hope you find a bit of peace and knowing that I was at my lowest low at the beginning of COVID, when everything seemed to be crumbling around me. And, um, you know, not only did we get back up to where we were, but we surpass that and actually suddenly achieved the, the vision that I had been holding in my heart for over 18 months. Um, and then it was time to create a new one, hence the break. And now we're back with this amazing new container that we've also created, um, to support women in creating that really peaceful 10 K base, creating a team around them and having a vision that's going to guide really effortless content creation so that everything is just working in alignment. So you guys send me a DM, if you want to chat about solo to CEO, otherwise I will see you next week on the next episode.

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Hey, I'm Justine!

Like you, I always craved complete freedom. But I got the message that a well-paying corporate job was the best bet for a happy life. So I went to business school, worked at top consulting firms... and hated every minute of it.

I started my first online business in 2017 as a way to escape the corporate world. After helping 100+ small businesses automate their sales and marketing, I knew it was time to shift away from purely trading time for money.

I attempted to create a course, but the idea of live launching, pre-selling, and delivering the content live was simply not possible while I was home full-time with my twins. So, I created a $27 offer and set up paid ads to sell it on autopilot.